The Greatest Love of All

(Written as spoken) Transcript of Unity Talk 9.15.19 -

Watch this talk on YouTube here:

Let me ask you a question.  Have you told yourself lately that you love you? No seriously. Have you? Maybe looked…

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Mom's Moved In ~ Its one Day at a time

Mom is settling in well and doing really good. I am very thankful that she is at the top of her base level for health right now so I can take her around Fayetteville and show her the sights. Last…

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The Miracle of Springfield

So my past week was a bit .. A BIT of a whirlwind.  Went down to Houston for mama care/family wedding. Had some good days caring for her and being her escort for wedding events. (Everybody was looking good, I…

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Thought Antidotes

This is a transcript of my message: Thought Antidotes

Given a Unity Fayetteville 1/27/19

I hope to have the video posted of it on my You Tube Channel soon!
Namaste ~ ginger

Thought Antidotes (This is a

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A slice of life

Just a slice of my life at this moment: I’m in Houston, sitting next to mom on my laptop in between appts and phone calls. She watches fox news while I escape to the serenely and beauty of  Moonlight Sonata…

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We are destined to overcome

I love seeing headlines like this! 

The intolerant cannot and will not stand. It goes against the very flow of creation. They will die away and be born again into a world of love for all whether they like…

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Home again and at a crossroads. 

Traveling and making music is my main bread and budda. But I cannot *live* on the road and out of a suitcase anymore. It was easy when I was the highway hippy with…

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Taking care of Mom & The ache inside

Day 5  in Houston with my mom. She is doing pretty well. I thought she'd be in a wheel chair because she was when I saw her two weeks ago.  But she's been upgraded to a walker. So yay for…

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Down Time For Muses

#Musesontheroad Tour (Oct 26th - Nov 21st 2017) Having a few days to rest and recover in Seattle has been so nice. I think at our last show we were all a bit loopy and in much need of some…

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