Ginger Loves to do House Concerts!  If you are interested in hosting one
please feel free to send in an email to let her know!

What is a House Concert?

A house concert is a fun and intimate musical performance done in the home of a willing house concert host. They are happening more and more throughout the world and are praised by artists and music lover alike.  It is an opportunity to spend real time with the artist and listen to music in a way that no bar environment can offer.  (comfortable, safe, relaxing, plenty of parking)  It is also an opportunity for the artist to spend real time with the fans of the music and learn more about them.  It's really just like having a party (small or large) at your house and Ginger (and whoever is playing with her at the time) provides entertainment. The difference here is that the music is the featured part of the evening. The focus is in listening during the the performance with a relaxed conversatuonal vibe during breaks and afterward, when folks have a chance to visit with the artists and each other

Is my house big enough to host one?
Probably! Ginger has done house concerts in a variety of homes of all sizes and has worked with hosts who can accommodate between 15-20 max, all the way up to 100’s of people or more.  A solo performance  takes up about a 5X5 space.  If you have a space that big with room for all the people you would like to come to sit in front of it - it can work!

Who comes to a house concert?
A house concert can be held for just you and your friends, it can be open to other local Ginger Doss fans, or it can be a combo of both! It’s all up to you. You tell us how many folks you can accommodate and what your wishes are and we go from there.

Does it cost anything?
It doesn’t have to cost you a thing. Most of the time it's BYOB and snacks to share.  Sometimes a host will offer food and sometimes its a pot luck.  That is the beauty of the house concert!  You can customize it to work for you.  Typically Ginger sets up a “suggested donation” of $15-$20 to support the artist. It’s kind of like a cover charge but this way, all are welcome, even those who may not be able to contribute the suggested amount. Sometimes tickets are sold in advance if there is a high demand with limited seating. 

Do I have to provide any Equipment?
Ginger has all the gear needed and light's if necessary for the music.  If you don't have very many chairs and a lot of people are coming you might think about where people are going to sit and discuss options with Ginger.  If it is outside people can bring blankets or camp chairs. Same with indoors if more chairs may be needed. 

How long does the music last ?
Again this is at your discretion. Typically a concert starts at 7pm with doors at 6:30 and Ginger will do two 45 minute sets with a break in between to chat and hang out.   The party can go for a long time after or end soon after the music. 

How is the money collected?
Ginger has a gas can that is put out and folks are encouraged to drop money in at different times during the performance.  No one needs to work the door unless tickets are sold in advance. (Ginger handles making those available online)  The donations are optional so that all may attend

If you have any further question - email ginger and she'll be happy to answer them for you! 

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