Summer Tour 2013 Part 2 - Hello Cleveland!

Paul's DoorAnd then there was Cleveland…. HELLO, CLEVELAND!!! (a la Spinal Tap) I always love saying that in Cleveland. Anyway, my beautiful friend from the area Mallory (singer/light beam)  had hooked us up with all kinds of goodness while we were there; two different Unity Churches, one for a Thursday night concert and the other a Sunday morning service, and a house concert at her friend Paul’s house. We had not yet met Paul, whose house we were currently driving to and who was also graciously providing crash space for us for the few days we were in the area. Mallory had all kinds of awesome things to say about him. It was late evening of July 9th when we got to the street where he lived and we couldn’t see the addresses. It was an older part of the city near downtown. We squinted in the dark to figure out which house was his. Then we saw some red front doors with a peace sign and a taitjitu (yin/yang) symbol etched in the glass. This is the place I thought, and I was right.

Paul was not there yet. He texted us where to find the key and told us to let ourselves in. We promptly found it and worked at opening the door. There was no front porch light on and I had a slight but lingering fear that we might have the wrong house. I mean, other people might leave their key in the same place right? And what if it was the wrong house and we freaked out the sleeping homeowners, Fred and Bertie McGunblasters? And what if they just happened to have been burglarized last week and bought a new shiny shotgun that they keep loaded by the bed? (These are the things that go through my mind so I thought I would share.) And BTW, who tells a bunch of wayward hippie strangers where the key to their house is and to let themselves in when they are not there? Well Paul does apparently. He was already living up to all the great things Mallory had told us about him and we hadn’t even met him yet. More insight into the awesome nature of Paul; He was not there because he was on his way home from the Bhakti Fest in Madison, which is held at the same time as National Women’s Music Fest in early July. I had experiencened Bhakti Fest the year before. Mallory and I went out there on the Sunday after NWMF for a few hours. It was yogi heaven, with music, yoga, meditation and so much more. If I had not been so exhausted after NWMF I would camped out there that night but I needed a cold dark room and a real bed real quick.

Fortunately, we were in the right place after all and Paul’s dogs (three big sweethearts and one little one) greeted us as if we were long lost friends. We walked back through the beautiful old house, which had been recently remodeled. The living room was a large wide-open space with natural hardwood floors that had everything needed for yoga class, which they in fact had there on a regular basis. This was the area that was going to be our house concert space. The entire back wall was made up of uniquely designed folding glass doors, which opened to a large deck and salt-water hot tub. It was not long before we were soaking in it, under a sprinkling sky. The roommate, who had introduced herself not long after we let ourselves in, told us to hop in. AAAAAhhhhhhh ~ we were in heaven. We slept very well that night.
House Concert 
The next day was our House Concert and we wanted to track down any friends we might have in the area to invite them out. Lynda had one friend she could think of in Cleveland, Steven, who was an early Velvet Hammer fan. She got ahold of him and he was excited to come out. She gave him the address to which he responded: “I worked on that house!” Turns out, Steven was instrumental in the remodel of that very house. Not the one next door, not the one down the street ~ THAT ONE. This was a very weird coincidence seeing as Lynda knew only one guy in all of Cleveland. Do the math on this people. Are you astounded yet? Good, cause we were, and so was Paul. 

The house concert was fabulous with a delicious organic potluck followed by two sets of music from us, which inspired lots of dancing hippies spreading the love. This is what struck me most about this Cleveland community ~ abundant warm happy hippie love that flows extra freely from the folks there. I imagine that it is the result of lots of organic veggies, yoga and message/healing work which are a big part of the lives of the folks that we met there. There were several group hugs, a couple of foot massages and some shoulder work being done at different times throughout the night. I am so blessed to have come to discover so many different hippie pockets on my travels. This has inspired the as yet unwritten song by the same name “Hippie Pockets”. I can’t wait to work on that one. Hippie pockets ~ oh the things you find in them. Toward the end of the evening as things settled down, Mallory picked up the guitar and sang for us. I love her voice. It is always such a treat to hear her. 

Church SignThe next night was our Unity Church Concert. When we pulled up outside the church we noticed they had a sign by the street that said “Chakra Rock Show”. Lynda said, “What if someone thinks it’s a gem/mineral show? We all laughed at this but sure enough, someone did. This guy comes in and asks the lady working the door where the rocks were? This was my first experience with a possible flaw of my uber cool catch phrase; CHAKRA ROCK – for the colors of your soul. I know now to warn the people in charge of the marquis to put “music” somewhere in the description or they may get a swarm of spiritually aware geologists.

Back to the show ~ Did I mention Mallory sings like an angel? Yep. Mallory and her friend and sometimes singing partner Beth Gatchell (check her out - yoga healer and musician) did an opening set for us. They sounded wonderful. There was a great turnout for the show and our set was well received, complete with dancing and lots of energy moving in the room. We made some awesome new friends that night.

After the concert Mallory took us to a spot in the middle of this super swank Cleveland suburb where you could walk down to the beach of Lake Erie. It was a breezy and cool moonlit night. There was a couple down there with a bottle of wine and two glasses. It was obviously a romantic interlude for them and I felt just a wee bit intrusive. They didn’t seem to mind though. While we were down there, Mallory sang this gorgeous song in Spanish with the lapping of the waves in accompaniment. It was so beautiful we made her sing it again so we could record it. With all this talk of Mallory’s singing I simply must share it with you.  The actual recording of her singing that night is at the top of this page on the player.  It was recorded on an iphone.  Hit play to hear it, close your eyes and image the moon shining on the lake.  The waves you hear in the backgound are Lake Erie.

After that dreamy moment by the lake we went to dinner and ate breakfast ~ which I am down for anytime I am hungry. We dropped off Mallory on the way back to Paul’s and I got to meet her awesome puppy dogs.

Friday we drove to Tonawanda, NY for Paul Telesco’s cancer benefit. Paul is the husband of Trish Telesco  (author) who we use to cross paths with at many festivals in the past but had not seen in quite some time. It was bittersweet to see her again under those circumstances but we were happy to play if it would help their cause. I heard that the night was a success and I trust that Paul will have all the help he needs. We continue to send energy their way and they are still working to raise funds for the cost of his care. You can still donate here. <3

We were thankful for the day off Saturday after three shows. Sunday morning we were scheduled to play the Unity Church Service in Akron so we rested and caught up on business online and get some laundry done. We drove back to Paul' s and got to work. 

Sunday, we were EXTREMELY EXCITED because after church we were going to head straight out to Brushwood for Sirius Rising. Lynda had never been out there and it had been a couple of years for Nix. I was there last year and I COULD NOT WAIT to get back. We packed up early and loaded the trailer with all of our luggage so we would be ready to go out there right after church.

And WHAT A SERVICE! OK, I am not just blowing smoke here. This really was one of my favorite all time Unity Church Service performances. I kid you not, they were dancing in the aisles which is not something you see at many Sunday morning church services. Even with all the cool Unity’s I play all over the country, this was a first. As a Unity member I am always thankful to connect with more Unity communities and this was no exception. We stayed for over an hour after the service selling lots of CD’s and connecting with lots of awesome folks.

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