Quest Log - Entry 8

     Tumbleweed was not as fast as Forte but could stop on a dime and actually did once we got where we were going. We almost went tumbling head over but managed to hang on. She also veered off towards a flowerbed along the route but Isabella was quick to correct.
     “Sorry about that” said Isabella referring to our abrupt stop. “She’s trying, brave girl. Tumbleweed is more of an adventurer, not a battle horse.”
     I didn’t have time to answer. Ellen, who had just joined in the battle, was riding with Anina circling the dragon. He spread his enormous wings and with a fierce gust of wind was up in the air. When she saw me, Ellen signaled for me to follow. I looked at Isabella who had just dismounted.
     “Take Tumbelweed!” Isabella shouted over the commotion. “I want to examine Forte.”
     I turned and rode towards Ellen, who along with Anina headed for the trees. We met up just inside the tree line.
     “Ellen I’m so glad you’re here!” I said relieved to have another warrior.
     “It’s no problem.” She said with a smile and then handed me my shield.
     “You found it! Awesome!” I said, and slid it over my arm. I looked up but could not see the dragon.
     “He circled back behind us,” Anina said, reading my thoughts again. “He’ll be back soon.”
I smiled at her ability to answer me before I could ask. “No doubt,” I said. pulling my quiver around to look at my stock of arrows. “How are you guys on arrows?” I asked.
     “I’m out” said Anina
     “I’m good,” said Ellen.
     “I’ve got plenty,” I said. “Let’s divide them up so we at least all have the same number.” We began to divvy up the lot when Aninia saw something.
     “LOOK!” she exclaimed with a huge smile on her face. It was Isabella riding up with Forte.
     I could not believe my eyes. Isabella was smiling big, with a twinkle in her eye. “You should not be so surprised.” She said laughing. “Forte is strong. Also I had placed protection charms from the faeries in all the horse’s saddle bags right after Cybra brought them to us. He only needed to be reminded by them that he is ok!” Isabella had a special connection with the faeries and could summon them in an instant. I slid down off Tumbleweed who seemed happy to see Forte too. I walked over and ran my hand down the length of his nose, and patted his neck. “Hello my friend,” I said. “I thought I had lost you.” He snorted in response but our happy reunion was suddenly interrupted by a foul screech that pierced my ears.
     “He’s Back!” shouted Ellen pointing up to the dragon, who was circling down for a landing. She quickly re-strapped her quiver and grabbed up the reins.
     “Lets ride up towards his back together. Stay in close in case he breathes on us,” I said, checking the grip on my shield. “Then when we get there, split up and ride as fast as you can in a circle around him.” I explained, It seemed a logical plan. If it worked once it would work again.
     “He’ll be expecting that!” said Anina. “We should try something else. Dragons are not stupid.”
     “This one doesn’t seem so smart to me.” I speculated. “…but maybe you’re right. Let’s try coming in on both blind sides at once. The only problem with this we’ve only got one shield.

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