A fire in Winter Part 2 - Album Update

OK so I did\n’t get to the second song right away. Warrior keeps calling for production. I laid some drum tracks via my Stylus loop plug in and some bass; fine tuned the melody and phrasing of the lead vocal and re sang. Laid in some sound pads and even got a loop of me tapping my pencil for the groove on the verse. I am happy with it but I don’t like the way I sing the chorus. I had a blast singing to the top of my lungs (wondering what the locals thought – if they actually heard anything) but I need a more dynamic tone I think. Also need to figure out the chorus harmony. It’s not there yet. It’s too – predictable. Looking for what might end up being a counter part there.

I’ve been recording song ideas every chance I get on whatever medium is available; Pro Tools, Garage Band and on my phone while I’ve been out and about in the world and not able to take the time to finish a complete song idea. I have to lately because the creative flw coming out of me is a torrent. Every time I sit at the piano – just playing around or to practice before a show - a song snipet comes out and I like it too much to blow it off. And sometimes, like when I’m sitting in traffic, the song of the century pops into my head and I have to save it. I’ve accumulated quite a few of these little 30 sec recordings and I review them each time I am ready to begin work on a new song. The first one of these that I reviewed became Warrior (the song I just finished) After finishing it, I went back to the snipet list for another tasty morsel. I opened a file called “run little one” A wee bit of verse with chorus and a few lyrics. It’s starting out as a visitation of the inner child. I listened back to it and the inspiration came immediately so I began to work.

The first thing I noticed is that it was too high. I loved the piano and melody but I could tell I was straining to sing that high on the rough recording and needed to drop the whole thing down a half step. Then I had a revelation while considering the lyrics and where to go with this idea of a song for the inner child. My girlfriend Andrea is working on a children’s book series called Ima Gene Imagines. And there you have it. The song is now called Ima Gene and is about what she imagines *and* (naturally I have to go here) symbolizes our potential as co-creators with the divine. I am paralleling her story ideas for Ima Gene but not exactly. I have the 1st verse (ish - need one line before the chorus – and it needs to be a doozie – which is why I don’t have it yet – I could go on forever with the dash thing here – but I’ll just stop now – cause they are not really necessary in the first place) and am starting the 2nd verse but its giving me trouble.

Anyway finally back to the cabin now. Christmas in Texas was sweet with a little bitter sprinkled in as sometimes family will do. I came out of my writing den to hang with the them and I’m glad I did. I love them so. I had the most unbelievable News Years Eve/Day with Big Bad Gina and friends.  Now I’m getting ready to launch my fan funding campaign (or should I say quest). I’m a little nervous about it – but I feel Spirit saying “yes” so here I go. Wish me luck! If it all goes smoothly it will help the progress of the CD tremendously.

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