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  1. Made It Home

From the recording This Cocoon

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Made It Home

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Coming home to an empty house is hard. Coming home to an empty life is harder. Finding your way back to a peaceful place with yourself sometimes means being courageous enough to face and accept your demons...


Words and Music Ginger Doss
Ginger Doss- Lead Vocal, Keys, Percussion, Background vocal

I'm drivin in the dark waiting for the sun to rise
It's the last day of winter
feel like the only one still inside
slow down driving way too fast
I'll get there soon enough
Im just ready to do this
wanna fly all the way to the sun

When you're finally home
will you find me gone
Don't cry little one, little one
I'm not the same
as I once was

Made it home OK I guess
not I'm here all alone
chasing my demons every day
want to get away
want to fly away
want to make it ok

What am I
but what I expect of myself
all alone in my head
I unravel my thread
and what I find
are all seeds of mine
I left behind
grown out of control
now its time to re-sow

don't it make it all worth while

made it home ok I guess