The Fan Fund Quest Begins

Self-producing a full-length album as songwriter, musician and recording engineer is a formidable quest. You must be prepared traverse through quagmires of creative quandaries and battle many monsters of technical mayhem. For example, the dread Lyric Leeches will keep you from figuring out the last line of the last verse, or suck the life out of your enthusiasm for the chorus hook. And then there’s the Technical Pterodactyls that will swoop in when you least expect it, causing shut-downs and system errors that aren’t even physically possible. Not to mention the Attention Deficit Demons ( A.D.D’s.) who will make it impossible *not* to answer that last text even though the perfect chord or string arrangement was about reveal itself. And you know what that means. Yes, I’m afraid so. You could become trapped in the dessert sands of social networking, wandering aimlessly through inane comment threads, tweets, blogs, vlogs, youtubes, emoticons, hyperlinks and meta tags, all of which are not helping you achieve your goals today Ginger! But don’t give up! Because when you make it to the end the treasure awaiting you will exceed your wildest dreams. Best of all its bounty can be shared throughout the land. So if you can make it to the valley of divine inspiration, refresh yourself from the spring of effortless creative flow and dance with the elves of epiphany (they do exist, I swear… they’ve got these great hats), you will renew your strength and obtain all that is needed to pass through the Lair of the Dark Lord of Delayed Deadlines – I can’t even talk about him yet… oh, but I must.  If I tried to do this alone I would never make it through the dark lord’s lair in time – and you know what that means. Yes, I am afraid so. No new album this spring to bring to you all on my travels this year. ♪Dahn ….dahn …..DAAAAAAAHHHHN!♪ AAAAAAAUGHAAAAAAUGH!!!!!!!!!  This is why I must put out the call to you, my tribe.. Across the web of the world that connects us all there is a way that you can help. Along with my instruments, I have a map, a little bit of food and one fairly good dagger. I will need better weapons, more supplies and help fighting many battles along the way. I have set up a ALBUM QUEST BASE CAMP (see link below) on my website where you will be able to watch my progress on the map, read about my adventures in the quest log, and send me messages and critical supplies if you are able. Those with lust for adventure can come with me. Those who cannot come along but have a little bit of magic in their pocket can help from afar. Together we can make “From Love to Love”, my next album, my next and brightest dream, come true.  I’m so very excited about this Album!!! Here is the list of songs as it stands right now:  From Love To Love  My Own Shadow Puppets Ma Belle Highway Hippies
My Key
Run Little One
Ganesh is Fresh
Wild Child
New Song
New Song

As you can see there is TONS of new stuff and still more to write. My schedule goal is to have the album written, recorded, mastered and the cover layout finished by the end of February when it will be sent to the duplicator so it can be released in March. My financial goal is to raise $4K to pay for studio time, mixing, mastering, duplication, graphics, posters, t-shirts, digital distribution, the Highway Hippy Video and auxiliary musicians in the studio. I will do my best to achieve this and at the same time I must be prepared to use my powers of flexibility or else the tentacles from the Titan of Tension will coil around my spine, lodge in my brain and cause my head to explode (it’s not pretty folks).

Enough of my rambling! I am waiting on a ship just off the shore of the Isle of Albumdor. When the first supplies come in from QUEST STORE I can begin. Visit the BASE CAMP often to watch the progress and see who has joined the quest!  I will be posting updates to the quest log with adventure details as I go!

Love, Blessings and Abundant Gratitude

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