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Well now I just looked at my blog and realized that I had not given it any love whatsoever since spring. (Accept to change the name of it 14 times) Ain't it just like a hippay?

I imagine people reading the quest logs and saying - damn she is on some seriously heavy-duty drugs. In my defense: the fact is, I am not on ANY drugs, because if I was I would never get anything done and I would never come to your town and play, and you would never hear any new music, and see new videos and a bunch of other stuff too!!!! I am a very hard working hippy!   But that doesn't mean I'm not cool.  Which I am.  I am a cool cat hippy man.  I mean hippy ........ man. 

So let me splain about the quest logs for those of you who don’t know, or ARE on seriously heavy drugs and don’t remember. The logs make much more sense if you had read them back in the winter and early spring of this year when I was doing my fan funding "quest" to raise money to produce my new album From Love to Love. This was a huge success and lots of fun for me! For those of you who have come to read this blog I will give you the super secret link to the old fan funding web page (which I did not have the heart to destroy only remove) so you can look at it. (I do this myself from time to time for old time sake) But first a little background. I was thinking about the "theme" of the fan funding campaign for my album, and what people would receive in return for donating at different levels, when it dawned on me. From Love to Love is the name of a song but also can be viewed as a journey. Certainly the making of it loomed in front of me as this massive quest yet to accomplish (I admit I spent days overwhelmed by it - and there would be times I felt I could never finish) And then BAM!!! It hit me like a ton of bricks. Why not make it like a gaming quest; each donation helping me to get to the final level and beat the game? It would be an adventure which would take place on the Island of Albumdor.  There would be mythical creatures, monsters and guides all paralleling the actual album production in "this world" . And at certain donation levels people could even join me on that Quest. And people did. I was writing entries in the quest log to give updates about my progress, and this would be displayed on my quest map. Those that donated at the level where they could join me could choose to give me the name they wanted to use for their character. I would then write them into the “Quest Logs” in the developing saga of my Album Quest “From Love to Love” on the Isle of Albumdor - Check it out here – it will make more sense if you look at this link. This is the actual page people were sent:

What is viewable here is the last story I wrote. I had so much more I was going to write about. Damn was I ambitious!!! My island adventures were meant to parallel my encounters with each song in the studio and the process of writing it.  I wrote about Ma Belle (meeting her on the beach) and Warrior (manifesting as a fight with a Dragon) The songs and their parallel adventures on the Isle of Albumdor are symbolic to me on many personal levels. I wanted to write an adventure with every song on the album (11 songs) and end with the completion of the quest. But what I failed to consider was the fact that I would have days and days of 14 to 16 hours straight in the studio working constantly on this record to make my deadline. I had to finish before I left for Europe, a trip that was scheduled the previous year. In order to make my deadline I had to let go of the quest stories and commit %150 of what was left of my energy into finishing the album. This was sad to me! I was absorbed into the stories and they were flowing out of me so effortlessly! They felt very alive to me.

A note on my album production – I don’t know how many of you out there have made an album but it’s A LOT of work. No – you don’t understand - A LOT OF WORK!! Now…. it’s a lot of work if you have a band and you record your band playing and singing their parts. Its even MORE work if you don’t have a band and you have to write all the parts and play and sing them yourself. IT’S EVEN MORE WORK when you are also the engineer and track and mix it yourself. Am I painting and adequate picture? No, I don’t think so. But that’s OK. At least I tried. ☺

I preserved what was written in the Quest logs in my blog. So now you know what the hell those pesky Quest logs are all about! I don’t have the heart to delete them. It is my dream to one day actually finish the Quest Story and write the remaining adventures of each song. HA!!!!! But seriously – I could do it if someone else was managing my career, booking my shows, handling my online marketing etc. (then all I would have to do is write and perform). This is also a dream. I see it and I am thankful for it!!! In the meantime enjoy what I was able to accomplish with my Album Quest. I did!!!

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