Quest Log - Entry 3

Rough Night... A bad storm blew in from the east around 2am. Driving wind combined with strong storm currents pushed me off course. Thankfully I was able to make it to a small island just off shore. I rowed like hell, pulled my boat onto the beach and took shelter under the tarp covering my supplies. If it hadn't been for my protection charms I am certain that I would not have made it to this island alive. From here there is not far to go but I can see the rocks the captain warned me about barring my way. It must be low tide. I will watch the tide cycle today and try to gage the best place and time for my landing. Meanwhile there is a very brave seagull who thinks he is clever enough to figure out how to open my food pack when I am not looking. I have run him off at least 5 times. To my credit I did tell him if he brought me some fish I would trade, but I don't think he gets it.

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