Quest Log: Entry 2

Thanks to some supplies that just came in I was able to lower away my boat and shove off a little while ago! The Quest has begun! My ship mates seemed relieved to see me go. They were worried that my presence on the ship would attract some of the island demons but I assured them that we were too far out. I am hopeful that they will wait for my return as they promised. Its taking a bit to get use to the swell of the sea now that I have left the comfort of the huge ship for this tiny boat, but I am managing. I had to shift the bulk of my supplies around to create more balance and keep from tipping over. The captain said if i catch the tide just right I will pass easily over the rocky reef that juts out into the inlet where I am due to land. I will know soon enough if my timing is right. I thought I saw something move in the water a moment ago. It was pretty big but maybe my eyes are playing tricks. I keep getting sprayed by the sea and it momentarily blurs my vision. More later....

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