Quest Log: Entry 1

I think I have everything I need to start the journey: my master keys to unlock whatever doorways I may encounter along the way; my drum for guidance and strength; my recording devices to capture the four elements of my music – melody, harmony, lyric and rhythm; my vision and my voice to bind those elements; my rituals for focus, protection and energy; and most importantly the will to persevere no matter what I may encounter with divine love as my ultimate source. I take this long and challenging journey so that my new songs, the sacred children of my soul can be set free into the world. Deep within my soul I know this quest to be worthy, perhaps the most worthy I have yet to undertake and there is far to go. The elements must be found, captured, and then forged into the entities they will be forever. Only then can they be released into the world to weave their magic and do honor to what I have come to know as my purpose upon this earth: Spiritual Bard, Artist and Compassionate Warrior. I can only carry so much ashore on the small boat that has been provided to me. I will need help once I make it to the island. I could do this alone but there is a chance I might not make it in time. With help from my tribe I know I cannot fail. If they assist me on this journey by providing the supplies and warriors I need to get From Love to Love, I will know I will make it!

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