New Years Resolution - Put that in your Hippie Pocket

I have committed myself to healing this year;  to heal my body, my heart and mind from what has been some of the most challenging yet rewarding few years in my life. From some of the worst emotional pain I have ever known, to putting myself out there as a solo artist; facing and conquering some of my biggest fears, to some of the highest highs  I have had the gift to experience.  Life is divine.

Like a true Aries I am committing to healing *completely* and in the most challenging way possible. Ha! Of course ;)  Healing my relationships, both with self, also with others, with the divine, with money; healing past hurts and the damage I have done to myself both mentally and physically. So here I go. Obvious step one for me is quitting my vices. Not the least of which was my nightly glass of wine.  The result of not drinking these past weeks has been incredible after having at least a glass of wine every night, usually more. ;)  I am nearing the 30 day mark and I feel awesome.

I am praying and meditating everyday and asking for guidance and assistance in my quest. (I need it) I am working out and doing yoga - not anything new for me but I am ramping it up. 8)  I have been actively centered on love in the stream of my thoughts and opening my heart where fear and panic in the past would have closed it. All of this I did before, but now I am in going full bloody force.  I intend for this healing to provide a healthier stronger foundation for the work I continue to do in my life and with my music and my spiritual development (which go hand and hand) And to infuse the new music and I am creating right now!

I am SO VERY EXCITED about my new album entitled "Hippie Pocket." Here is the story of how that title came to be.  I was sitting around a fire at Brushwood a couple of years ago with my beautiful friend Devonne talking about the cool parts of town that are inevitably in EVERY town. Some bigger and "cooler" than others. We were calling them "Hippie Pockets"   and Devonne said to me: "You need to write a song called Hippie Pocket!"  And I was like <*LIGHT BULB*> DEFINITELY!!!   A year later I finally got around to writing it ~ March of 2014.  I performed it around the US and Canada during my touring last year and got a lot of really great feedback on it.  And to my great pleasure more songs in the same vein have been coming out of me!  Lots more.  Here is the list of songs that will on the new album so far


Its obvious that for this project my hippie definately wanted to come out and play.  These songs have been a lot of fun to write and are a lot of fun to listen to; upbeat danceable tunes reflecting the playful side of my life. But that doesn't mean that my spirituality doesn't shine though.  Spirit will always have a way of making a way through my music. I can't hep it and I don't want to ;) I can't wait to share these tunes with all the folks in my extended tribe (both that I know and that I have yet to know) that have been playing with me and will *get* to play with me this year and beyond!   I have one more to write and a lot of final production to be done on the rest.  BUT I"M SO CLOSE!!! 

With the launch of my fan funding campaign I trust that together we can make this vision a solid reality !!!  

With LOVE AND GRATITUDE I GO ~ So very thankful to ALL OF YOU!!!



  • Brenda Poor
    Brenda Poor Louisiana
    You inspire me.

    You inspire me.

  • ginger doss
    ginger doss
    Thank you Brenda... I miss you !

    Thank you Brenda... I miss you !

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