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Greetings everybody!!!

I have wanted to update you on progress of my Album Quest for some time now but have been so busy with production on it that I have been reluctant to stop and take a breath lest I break my stride. “BIG BREATH* AAhhhh. It’s been an enormous undertaking and thanks to your generosity, I am ¾ of the way to my goal!!!! I will never be able to completely express how much it has meant to me and how overcome with gratitude I am. My heart is overflowing! With your help I am making this dream of mine come true!!!!

Back in January when I wrote my first note announcing the beginning of the Album Quest, I had two more songs left to be written. My goal was producing a twelve song album packed with brand new material. I was uncertain whether I could do it in time. I am happy to announce as of two days ago they are done!! Here is the album song list as it stands now (not necessarily in this order)

Song Name – When it was written

From Love To Love – 4 years old
My Own - 4 Years old
Shadow Puppets - Jan '11
Ma Belle - Spring '10
Highway Hippies - August '11
Warrior - Dec '11
My Key - Jan '11
Run Little One - Jan '12
Ganesh is Fresh - Cover
Wild Child - 4 Years Old
Thankful - Feb '12
Urban Elements - Feb '12

“Thankful” is the direct result of the explosions of gratitude that have been rocking my heart daily since the beginning of this quest. I am truly blessed by the all the people who have given so selflessly. It has filled me with a sense of responsibility to all of them and to everyone that will hear this record. I am working very hard to do my best for all of you! It is my sincerest wish that this record will bring joy, healing and inspiration to all those who hear it for years and years to come. And I am truly thankful!

“Urban Elements"  I let a groove move me through a poetic expression of each of the four elements. As I write music I am often taken to another place – the place where the song lives. During the process of writing “Elements” I was often dancing with friends around a fire. Something I have not done for years; I have been drumming. This was a return to the dance for me. As the words came they were taken from a very personal place; my own experience with fire, water, earth and air, as a child of the 20th century.

Now here’s the challenging part. I have to finish this! Here is my schedule – which looks fantastic on paper. All final tracking and production to be finished by March 12th; which is at the mercy of: creative genius kicking in on command, various hippy musicians and their schedules, my ear, nose, throat and hands cooperating. Mixing is to be done by March 23rd, which is also the Album cover deadline. Oh yeah - got to design the cover and layout as a lil side note there. ;)

If I am unable to stick to this schedule then it will not be the end of the world. In other words, people will not die and the world will not explode in an epic Hollywood fireball. I will allow my control freak to freak for a minute then forge ahead and try to get it done as soon as I can and as close to this time line as possible. I would like to get the completed work to the duplicator by April 1st. No foolin. ;) So pray for me - and these songs. They *so* want to be born into the world and delivered into the hands of all those who are waiting so patiently and beyond!


The quest to finish this album is happening in two planes of existence. In one I’m in the studio creating music, which catapults me from frustration to utopia and back again in a heartbeat. I have profound moments of divine inspiration and connection and other times I am crushed by my own self-doubt. Sometimes my fingers work so well it is beyond my ability to understand how, and some days they just don’t cut it. Sometimes I sing like a bird and some days I sound like a dead frog. Just so you know, in order for a dead frog to make noise it needs to be a zombie – so I sound like a zombie frog; on my bad days that is. Zombie frogs of the Mississippi - “rip –it, rip-it, rip your head off to eat your brains” (is what the zombie frogs would say – should I really be explaining this?) I digress… horribly.

In the other plane, my companions and I are questing to complete the album on a island filled with wonder. There, I am meeting the songs of the album and the adventures they bring me- head on. Amazing and scary things are happening. At the moment we are battling a fierce Dragon. He’s a mean one and my heart is broken because he just killed my horse (or so it would seem!) You can read all about my adventures in the quest logs. The most current log is always posted on the Album Quest "base camp" page. The previous quests that tell the full story are in my blog. I invite you to experience this with me and to share this with your friends. There is still a way to go and many adventures to come!

I cannot thank you all enough. This record and quest has become more about my tribe than any of my undertakings thus far. Without you I could not and would not be able to go forward. To be a lone gypsy is not an easy road – but you have shown me I am not alone. Your generosity both financially and spiritually has renewed my energy and given me strength when I have doubted. I send blessings to you all from the core of my being and stand tall knowing my tribe is with me!! I ask that you count me in your numbers as well. I am always honored to serve and I've got your back!

Blessings of abundant and eternal love and gratitude,

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