A letter to a friend - I love you Stephen

Dear Beloved Stephen, 

Oh my brother I am so sad to see you go.  But I honor the journey of your soul and celebrate the time I had with you. You were (are) a true original and a gentle loving man to the core.  I want to put in writing how you touched me, how I will be forever grateful for our friendship and for the support you offered to my person and my career and so many others like me.  You gave so much not only in the the countless times you sheltered me in your home as well as financial contributions, but you also offered to help me in any other way I could think of;  mailing CD orders; spreading the word, whatever.   I know I have told you these things so I don't regret not having not said them to you... but I have to say them again for the world.  You were always so humble.   I want everyone to know about the silent glow which always lays in my heart for  you.  It is the result of your deep effecting touch and it will linger forever. 

I remember the first tine I met you, six years ago.  I was instantly moved by the warmth and love you extended to me as a stranger in your home. And our conversation almost immediately moved to things spiritual.  But this was no typical conversation.  It was the kind that lights your heart on fire.  It was clear that we were kindred souls. You were a man of a cloth of many colors.  A spiritual seeker and adventurer, seeking the divine where others may fear to tread.   I had never met anyone quite like you, soft yet so intensely spoken. I knew we would be good friends.  You along with your beautiful wife so effortlessly extend yourself and your love to those around you. And that original affection and warmth you showed me that first night never wavered through the entire course of our friendship. 

Here is your last FB message to me I would like to share

"Happy holiday to you my dear. We love you and always have a seat at the table for you and yours. Give us a holler someday, ok? I have a yule present for you, just about six years in the doing of it! Please send me an address, ok? Love always, Stephen-Jacob

You always seemed to call me  when I most needed to hear the tender words of a friend.  And tender they always were ~ so comforting.  Sometimes the call would be of a matter you wanted to discuss with me.  But more often than not it was simply to let me know that you were thinking of me and loved me. I am pretty sure I told you,`I sure hope i did, how awesome it always was to hear from you, how much those calls meant to me and how much you were loved in return.  There was one tough time for me on the road when I kept your message and played it again just to be soothed by your words.  

I will always remember the beautiful conversations, the spiritual and scientific ambitions of your mind, the compassionate nature of your heart and the many calls and messages that always touched my life.  You were an exceptional part of my tribe Stephen Bell.  Thank you for being such a bright and constant light in my life.  This is not goodbye I know, but see you later  <3 

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